Best PGs in Chandigarh Nearby Web Teachers Institute

Disclaimer: Although I listed some Paying Guest options below that I believe are the best ones to stay in chandigarh yet I do not own them and do not get any commissions from recommending them. Thanks.

After I take on new students, the first question I usually hear from them is how to find the best PG in Chandigarh. In their words, the definition of this “best” is- neat and clean room, hygiene food, plenty of parking space, and least timing restrictions but all at an affordable price.

Sounds too good to be true but I have found some great PGs in Chandigarh that are both affordable and well-maintained. Icy on the cake is that they are quite close to our institute so you don’t have to commute a lot to attend our classes. I’m sure you would love them. Here you are:

5 Top Rated PGs in Chandigarh That are Value for Money

1. Apna Ghar PG in Sector 21, Chandigarh


Apna Ghar is hosting people from all around the country since 2005. It is an old and prestigious PG in Chandigarh. The amenities, the staff, the hygiene, the maintenance all are top notch.

Apna Ghar is located at a central location that is well-connected with the city and you can easily commute to anywhere in Chandigarh as public transport is easily accessible here.

Apna Ghar offers both AC and Non-AC rooms. There are also separate rooms available for both boys and girls.

Some services offered by the PG are- 24 hours open, laundry service available, visitors are allowed during the daytime, 24 hours water supply, and food is included in the room rent.

Contact Detail:

#497, Chandigarh Sector 21, Chandigarh – 160022.

+91 9152158623.

2. Khalsa Girls PG in Sector 22, Chandigarh


Kahlsa Girls PG is a safe option for girls. As it is located in a residential area, it is always peaceful that is ideal for you to study. The owner of the PG is also helpful and attentive to any issue that may arise.

Sector 22 is a prominent area of Chandigarh and you would certainly like the neighborhood. A park, a medical facility, and a market are all just walking distance away. Transport and connectivity is also not an issue here.

The rooms condition is modern, the food is homemade, the laundry service is prompt, and the security arrangements are spot on. That makes it the best pg in Chandigarh, especially, if you are a girl. Moreover, the caretaker of the PG is very cooperative.

Contact Detail:

#2191 First Floor, Sector 22c, Chandigarh – 160022.

+91 7814287421

3. Makkar PG in Sector 34, Chandigarh

makkar pg chandigarh

Makkar PG was established in 2010 and have been hosting students ever since. Many positive reviews demonstrate the excellent accommodation it provides. This PG has separate arrangement for boys and girls.

Sector 34 is the education hub of the Chandigarh. PGs in this sector are usually packed to the full and getting a bed or two is very hard over here. Even if you find are able to one, you may have to pay a higher rent and accept some compromises with the amenities, but that’s not the case with Makkar PG.

AC or non AC both types of rooms are available here. The environment is study-friendly and so is the caretaker of the PG. The essential amenities are all in place. Market, park, transport, medicals etc. are all at walking distance from here.

Contact Detail:

#1370, Sector 34c, Chandigarh – 160022.

+91 9152541322

4. Arora PG in Sector 44, Chandigarh

arora pg chandigarh

Arora PG is a relatively new host and started its services just a few years back. That doesn’t mean it lacks any necessary facilities. Instead, this PG is quite modern in terms of interior and maintenance services.

The hygiene, the food, the discipline, and the crowd are all good here. The surroundings are also soothing and relaxing. You can study here without any major disturbances. Luckily, it is so close to our institute as well.

You can get a bed over here at a fairly cheap price as this area is not as posh as sector 21 or 22. Also, please make no mistake as it is still a decent area and you will find all your daily needs available in the surrounding market.

Contact Detail:

#1465, Sector 44b, Nr. British School, Chandigarh – 160047.

+91 7889118264

5. Friend’s PG in Sector 43, Chandigarh

friends pg chandigarh

Friend’s PG is another option in the neighbourhood of our institute. It is also very close to the ISBT bus stand. Thus, it is a good option for you if you visit your hometown often.

The PG has all the necessary amenities in place and the rent is also reasonable. The surrounding area is decent enough and all basic needs can be fulfilled within the vicinity. If you are on a budget, give this PG a try.

You will find more or less the same amenities here that you would get with other options on this list but at lower prices. Water, electricity, friendly environment, parking space, and security are all plausible.

Contact Detail:

#1095, Sector 43b, Near Dominos, Chandigarh – 160047.

+91 8837849944

Before You Go

Did you notice that I did not mention the amount of rent each PG charges? Reason being, the rent change so often and it is always wise to enquire on phone first for the latest prices. Besides, before you settle on to a PG, it is always wise to visit it first and judge it well.

Other than the rent, the contact number and terms of conditions may change at anytime. So, I advise my students that while this guide is a good place to start from, always do your research and find the best PG that suits your particular needs. Thanks.

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