My Journey to First $10,000 Online and Lessons Learnt

At the end of this article, I revealed my MONEY WEBSITE. This visual reference will help you get a good grasp on the concepts discussed.

Ajay Verma- founder of Web Teachers

I still remember the rush I felt in my body when I earned my first $ online. It was the winter of 2017 when someone bought a product on Amazon through my affiliate link and my account was credited with $1.40.

An year forward, by the end of 2018, I was able to cross the $10,000 mark in total earning online.

Obviously, the money was a great reward for the hard work I did but the real treasure was the lessons learnt throughout the journey.

With today’s article, I want to give back to the industry by sharing everything that I have learnt about making money online through affiliate marketing. Hopefully, it will reduce your struggle period and speed up your journey towards success. Enjoy!

Lessons Learnt: What I Would Do If I Am To Start Again Today

amazon earning 18

It took me a few years to hit my goal of earning $10,000 online through blogging.

However, if I am to do it again today, I can easily start a blog from scratch and take it all the way up to earning $2000-$3000/month in an year and $10,000/month in a couple of years. That my friends is a very liberating skill.

This guide is aimed at shortening your journey to success, saving you a lot of frustration on the way, and giving you a strategy that you need to create a website that makes $2000 or more per month through affiliate marketing. Enjoy!

1. Niche Research

It all starts with a niche. A niche is nothing but the topic you choose to make a website about. For example golf, camping, travel, bodybuilding etc. are good examples of viable niches.

1.1 Too Broad, Too Narrow, and Specific Niches

Too BroadSpecificToo Narrow
HealthSkin CarePimples
OutdoorCyclingFolding Bike

You should not start your website in too broad or too narrow niches. Always start a site in a specific niche only. In the table above, you will find some examples of each types of niches.

Too broad niches will take a long time to rank for anything significant due to the lack of relevance. Moreover, you will need to put in a lot of resources (time to write yourself or money to hire writers) to make them work for you. That’s not a very beginner friendly move.

Too narrow niches make it hard to grow your website when it starts taking off. Moreover, it’s always difficult to get HQ backlinks for such websites because they look Spam. So, avoid such niches at all costs.

Specific niches are the holy grail of ranking quickly and making some decent money online. The entire website sends strong signals of relevance that makes it rank quickly. Moreover, down the road, it can be expanded into many other categories.

1.2 Where to Find Niches

niche collection

To collect niches, the easiest of all method is to browse through Amazon categories and note down the ideas you come across.

The key here is to going really deep. Click on categories to explore sub categories and so on. Spend a good 3-4 hours and you will collect many viable niche ideas.

To jog your brain, here are a few niches that I consider are specific and viable:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Men’s grooming
  • Bodybuilding
  • Running
  • Parenting
  • Golf
  • Veganism

2. Keyword Research

ahrefs keyword explorer

There is no need to do any guess work here. Success leaves footprints and that’s also true in the case of keyword research. Follow the footprints and you will reach the success.

I do not stress a lot about picking a so-called “Perfect” niche as there isn’t any such thing. You can find easy to rank for and profitable keywords in almost any niche. Just follow the criteria given below and you will reap the benefits.

2.1 The Step By Step Process of Keyword Research


1. Enter your niche name into the keyword explorer by ahref (not an affiliate link) and hit search. In this demonstration, I am using “Golf” as my niche.

2. On the resulting screen, in the left side menu bar, click on “Having Same Terms”. It will spit out millions of golf related keywords.


3. It’s not possible to go through the millions of keywords that ahrefs generates. So, we need to apply a few initial filters to get a sensible number of keywords. The filters are as follow:

  • Set the keyword difficulty (KD) between 0 to 10.
  • Set the search volume between 100 to maximum.
  • Set the Include filter to “Best”

4. Now, here starts the process of finalizing the keywords. Automatic filters are good to narrow down the list quickly but that’s not enough. You need to give each keyword a manual round of analysis before writing an article on them. Here’s how:

  • Click on the SERP button located on the right side and in front of each keyword.
  • Check the top 10 ranking results to see if two or more small sites (DR 20 or less) are ranking or not.
  • If yes, check if small sites on page 1 are getting traffic (at least 100 or more) or not.
  • If both conditions justify, mark that keyword as final.
  • Repeat the process until you have found 20-25 such keywords to write about.

3. Money Projection

Money projection is the difference between a blog earning $200 per month and a blog earning $2,000 per month. Before I go on explaining further, take a look at the three screenshots below:

1. Physical Product: As you can see in the screenshot below, my site did close to $11,000+ with physical products only.

amazon earning 18

2. Ads Earning: As you can see in the screenshot below, my site earned only $1100 with ads on the same website. The difference is huge.

Ads Earning

3. Info Product: As you can see in the screenshot below, my site did a little over $2,000 in an year with info products. It’s better than ads but still not as good as physical products.

cb earning shot
Clickbank Earning

During the beginning stage of your blog, do not use ads or info products to monetize your traffic or you will be making pennies. Just use an affiliate program, preferably Amazon Associates and you will be making a lot of money per visitor.

4. Two Types of Articles

Writing 100s of articles is not our strategy here. We will be writing a maximum of 25 articles on our site and that’s it. Once the articles are written, we will be fully focused on creating and promoting link assets only. Here are the two types of articles that you need in the beginning:

1. Commercial Articles: We need these to make money. These are the articles that are written around keywords that have strong buying intent. The searcher is already in the mood of buying a product but need a last moment push. All you need to do is to send such searchers from your site to Amazon and Amazon will do its job of converting them into buyers. Thus, you get the commission. Example:

2. Link Assets: We need these to make backlinks. These are big-meaty-informative guides that create a “wow” effect. Such guides are so useful that once you put them in front of other webmasters, they happily link to it. Example:

That’s it. These are the two types of content you need to create until your site is earning at least $2000 per month. Once the money starts rolling in, you can hire writers and VAs to help you grow the site.

5. Easiest Ways to Get Backlinks

You must understand that we target some very low competition keywords only. Even if you don’t build backlinks, they will still rank over time and earn you money. Building links just speed this process up. With that said, here’s how to get some backlinks:

1. Skyscraper: This is the easiest way to build backlinks. I create 80% of my backlinks this way. All you need to do is find a page that has already acquired a lot of backlinks, create a page better than that, and reach out to the same people who linked to the original page. Simple as that. Here is a detailed guide on how to do this- Skyscraper Technique.

2. Guest Posting: I don’t do a lot of guest posting because it requires you to write a new article for each backlink. That makes it not so scalable technique. However, I do 10-20 guest posts but only on high authority websites (Sites with Domain Rating 60+). It is worth the effort. Here is a detailed guide on how to do this- guest blogging for seo.

The two techniques mentioned above are enough to earn 50+ backlinks to your site. That’s all you will need to break into page 1 and start getting traffic and sales.

Website Revealed: A Visual Reference For Your Learning


To make the concepts really concrete in your mind, I decided to share my website as a visual reference. You can refer to this website over and over again to observe how commercial content and link assets are written. Here you are:

Get You A Goodnight Sleep on Bed

The site has grown by many folds since its launch. However, it took me 23 commercial articles and 8 link assets to reach around $1500/month mark. That equals to a little over ₹1,00,000/-.

In a nutshell, you will need 20-25 commercial articles and 8-10 link assets to create a site that earns $2,000 or more per month passively.

Over To You

I wrote this guide to give you the right head start. Just follow the process and you will reach the outcome. I have repeated and proven this process over and over again without a fail. You can also make a fortune online.

In case you happen to be in Chandigarh (India), feel free to visit my institute (Web Teachers) where I offer a digital marketing training program and an SEO course.

Although I shared everything that you need to know about earning decent money online yet I understand that some of you may still have some queries. Ask me in the comments and I’d be very happy to help you out. Thanks.

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